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Today, more than 80% of African migration is internal to the African continent and involves nearly 19 million people, including 6.7 million in West Africa and 3.5 million in Central Africa. Women represent 47.1% and young people betweenu00a015 and 24 yearsu00a0of age 16% of migrants. Unfortunately, media capacities to cover migration are relatively weak; media content often provide inaccurate description of migration factors and scarce migrant stories or focus on migration risks, thus often misrepresenting migrants.

This project will involve eight countries: Cameroon, Cu00f4te du2019Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea-Conakry, Mali, Niger, Nigeria and Senegal. Young women from the media and communication sectors of the target countries will be involved, and particular attention will be paid to the production of editorial contentu00a0on young migrant women, who are among the least represented groups of migrant populations.


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